Chinese Doctors Grow Replacement Nose on Injured Man’s Forehead

After Xiaolian injured his nose in a car accident near the end of August and suffered an infection, doctors were unable to repair his nose.

Instead of letting the 22-year-old man go through the rest of his life with a deformed nose, doctors decided to grow a new one. Doctors placed tissue expanders under the skin on Xiaolian’s forehead and used cartilage from his rib cage to form the new nose. After putting the expanders and cartilage in place, the doctors then cut the skin into the shape of a nose.

The nose on Xiaolian’s forehead won’t stay there permanently–after the doctors determine the new nose is ready, it will be transplanted and be used to replace Xiaolian’s damaged nose.

via Xiaolian Nose: Man Has a Nose Growing on Forehead | WebProNews)